ScanFood: Calorie counter App

The ScanFood app is designed specifically for those who monitor their food intake and strive to achieve their goals.

Everyone’s goal is different: some want to achieve weight loss, others, weight gain; others still wish to maintain their current body weight.

Our application allows the full automation of the process of calculating the daily calorie intake.

If your weight has changed and you need to change the value of your daily calorie intake, you can always do this in the Settings.

You need to authorize access to the camera in order to scan food item barcodes.

ScanFood is a calorie counter. Watch what you eat. Count calories. Scan barcodes. Add products on your own

Aplication created for
iOS mobile OS

Scan barcodes

With ScanFood, you will be able to scan barcodes of products sold in store, and the application will independently determine their caloric value, as well as the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats contained in them.

Count calories.

All you have to do is to indicate the approximate weight of the consumed food, and the application will independently calculate all the data.

Add products on your own

If our application can’t find the product you have chosen, you only need to enter the barcode of this product once, and in the future, not only you but other ScanFood users as well will be able to use the barcode you saved.


You can specify the frequency of reminders in the Settings, and the app will remind you to enter information on the products you consumed.


Our application will be constantly evolving and supplemented with new features, such as recommendations on physical exertion, as well as other tips useful for weight loss or for gaining muscle mass.